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05 - Adding an Isometric player that can be moved

Adding Ralph from the vanilla player movement tutorial is easy in JsIso, we also get the ability to take advantage of the height map with no extra work.
In this sample we have added a second layer which could hold NPCs, Pickups, Players, Trees, Pylons, Water Towers, Walls of Winterfell... endless possibilities.

With the new layer "objectLayer" we apply the same properties as the "tileLayer", but we set - heightMapOnTop: true// We want to draw only on top of the heightmap.
This makes all graphics in this layer drawn on top, however for this tutorial we only want to draw Ralph, so we use the tileImageOverwrite property of layer.draw():

 if (i === ralphX && j === ralphY) {
       objectLayer.draw(i, j, ralphGraphic);

As always, check out the live code viewer to fiddle, linked at the bottom:

    function(CanvasControl, TileField, imgLoad, CanvasInput) {

      // RGBA of color to use
      var tileColor = "(158, 154, 255, 1)";
      var groundColor =  "(100, 154, 100, 1)";

      // Our Tile Map
      var tileMap = [
        [groundColor, groundColor, groundColor, groundColor, groundColor, groundColor, groundColor],
        [groundColor, tileColor, groundColor, tileColor, groundColor, tileColor, groundColor],
        [groundColor, tileColor, tileColor, tileColor, groundColor, tileColor, groundColor],
        [groundColor, tileColor, groundColor, tileColor, groundColor, tileColor, groundColor],
        [groundColor, groundColor, groundColor, groundColor, groundColor, groundColor, groundColor]

      // Our Height Map 
      var tileHeightMap = [

      // X & Y drawing position, and tile span to draw 
      var xrange = 8;
      var yrange = 8;

      // X & Y Coordinates of Ralph
      var ralphX = 1;
      var ralphY = 1;

      var ralphGraphic = null; // Will contain the image of Raplh once it has been loaded

      var context = CanvasControl.create("canavas", 640, 640, {});

      // Two layers - one for the ground, second layer for objects, player objects, NPCS, pickups, etc etc
      var tileLayer = new TileField(context, CanvasControl().height, CanvasControl().width);
      var objectLayer = new TileField(context, CanvasControl().height, CanvasControl().width);

      // Create our Input controls and pass through the CanvasControl to it
      var input = new CanvasInput(document, CanvasControl());
      // Pressed is the keycode of user input, and keydown means the button is down rather than press ended
      input.keyboard(function(pressed, keydown) {
        if (!keydown) {
          switch(pressed) {
            // Move player
            case 37:
              ralphY ++;
            case 39:
              ralphY --;
            case 40:
              ralphX ++;
            case 38: 
              ralphX --;
          // Call draw Tile Map function

      var images = [
          graphics: [
            "/img/game/ground/blank-block.png" // The images we want to load using imgLoader
          graphics: [

      function drawTileMap() {
        // Clear drawn map before clearing
        context.clearRect(0, 0, CanvasControl().width, CanvasControl().height);
        // Loop through our tiles and draw the map  
        for (i = 0; i < 0 + xrange; i++) {
          for (j = 0; j < 0 + yrange; j++) {
            tileLayer.draw(i, j);
            if (i === ralphX && j === ralphY) {
              objectLayer.draw(i, j, ralphGraphic);

      // imgLoad uses Promises, once the images have loaded we continue and use the returned imgResponse
      imgLoad(images).then(function(imgResponse) {

        // set Raplphs image, imgResponse[1] because it was the second list of graphics to be loaded
        ralphGraphic = imgResponse[1].files["ralph.png"] 

          title: "Ground Layer",
          layout: tileMap,
          isometric: true, // Flag used to layout grid in isometric format
          tileHeight: 50,
          tileWidth: 100,
          heightMap: {
          map: tileHeightMap,
          // imgResponse[0] contains the first set of grpahic files[] we placed in the graphics array
          heightTile: imgResponse[0].files["blank-block.png"],
          offset: 0
          shadow: {
            offset: 50, // Offset is the same height as the stack tile
            verticalColor: '(5, 5, 30, 0.4)',
            horizontalColor: '(6, 5, 50, 0.5)'
        // Object Layer
          title: "Object Layer",
          isometric: true, // Flag used to layout grid in isometric format
          zeroIsBlank: true,
          layout: tileMap,
          tileHeight: 50,
          tileWidth: 100,
          heightMap: {
            map: tileHeightMap,
            offset: 50,
            heightMapOnTop: true// We want to draw only on top of the heightmap

        // Rotate our entire Map 

        // Set an offset so our map is on screen
        tileLayer.setOffset(200, 100);
        objectLayer.setOffset(200, 100);
        // Call draw Tile Map function

Check out the View Source to see tutorial.
Up Down Left Right to move Ralph

Tutorial Outcome (View & Run Source)


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